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Habits of Highly Successful Hotel Sales People

Ok so I just finished reading an article by Carol Verret which I thought was great.  If you don't know who Carol Verret is you really should visit  (no this is not a paid endorsement!!!)  Carol is an expert in the area of hotel sales.

Anyway, the article was all about attributes of successful hotel sales people (you and me right?!)  One point that Carol talks a lot about is the difference between organizing and prioritizing.  I think in our world we very often get so hung up on trying to accomplish everything on our To-Do List that we forget to prioritize the important tasks first.

I suggest that you should always scan your To-Do List each morning to help you plan your day.  I put an asterix next to the items that have top priority and I work on those first.  For example a Contract for a large group that is due back in a few days is one of my top priorities.  Certainly that should be the first thing I do - surely it gets preferential treatment over making my 6 monthly follow-up call for one of my lesser producing accounts.

I'm not suggesting you skip things on your to-do list altogether - just prioritize the important stuff.  Its very easy to just skip to the items that we like the most - but that is not how you make your numbers...

There is a whole lot more to the article which is here:

Anyone else got comments on tips for being more effective???