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How Well Do You Know Your Top Accounts?

We all pride ourselves in building our relationships with our top customers, and many of us do that part of our job really well.  But it can be very hard to keep abreast of all the constant changes that go on with our top accounts.
Companies get bought and sold on a daily basis.  Mergers, Acquisitions, even name changes happen all the time.  It can be very easy to be on a call with a top customer and have no idea that their company has just been acquired by another. 

Knowing such information is important if you want to be sensitive to your client’s feelings.  Conversely, this information is also useful when soliciting for more business.

So how do you keep abreast of all the latest news regarding all of your accounts?

My favorite way to do this is to use Google News Alerts.  I had already been in the habit of using Google to look up the news on my top accounts, but this feature takes all the work out of it for me! 

After you set up a Google News Alert, Google will email you with an alert next time your account is mentioned in the news. 

It really is that simple!

So let me step you through how to set this up!

1.    Go to the following website:   

2.    Enter the name of your account in the ‘Search Terms’ field.

3.    For ‘Type’ select ‘News’ from the drop-down.

4.    For ‘How Often’ I would suggest you select the weekly option to avoid being inundated with emails.

5.    Leave ‘Only the Best Results’ as the option for ‘Volume’

6.    Enter your email address

7.    Click the ‘Create Alert’ button
That easy!  Give it a try and your will never be left out of the loop with the goings on at your top accounts!