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Site Inspection WOW’s

I think everyone can agree its pretty competitive out there at the moment.  Ok, yes its always pretty competitive but now is tougher than I can ever recall.  We are all looking for ways to give us the edge – right?!

One of the ways that you can really differentiate yourself from your competitors is by wowing the client at the site inspection.   So many of our colleagues have their standard site inspection routine that they roll out for every client.  All of your clients are different – so why the same site inspection for all of them?  This makes no sense.  Do you make the same prospecting phone call to every account?  Of course not – you always tailor your calls to the client – so shouldn’t a site inspection be tailored too?

Remember there is a good chance that your clients are going to site inspections at other hotels too – and they can get pretty darn boring if they are all the same.  Tailoring your site inspection to the client has the following benefits:

1.       It tells your client that you really want their business because of the time and effort you have put into planning the site inspection.

2.       It reminds your client that you understand who they are and what they stand for – which means you will best be able to take care of their group.

3.       Your client will still remember your site inspection when they return to their office.

A great place to start for inspiration is your client’s website.  Maybe they have a theme to their website.  Maybe they have company values that could be helpful to you.  Maybe they have background music…

Involve the rest of your sales team in preparing for the site inspection.  At your next sales meeting tell the team about your upcoming site inspection and then have the team help you brainstorm for 5 minutes on creative ways for wowing your client at the site inspection.

It’s also a great idea to involve the rest of the hotel in your site.  A Chef in uniform will almost always wow a client – as will food samples along the way!  Remember that one of the biggest gripes that clients have is over the check-in experience – so imagine the impact of a Front Desk who actually knows who they are when they arrive at the hotel for the site inspection!

One of the added benefits of involving the rest of the hotel in your site inspection is longer term.  If your  hotel team has been involved in helping secure a piece of group business then they are more likely to go the extra mile to take care of that group – it’s like they have more of a vested interest.  That group is more than just another group at your hotel – to the operations team it’s a group that they helped win.

So, what are some of your site inspection “WOW”s?  Click on the link below to head to the ‘Contact Me’ page and send in your best examples of things you have done to wow at a site inspection.  I will publish a different WOW here each week (and yes you can be anonymous if you want – just state so in your submission).

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Phyllis Tess
07/04/2009 06:44

Terrific article! So often we are focused on securing new accounts by paying a lot of attention on the 'who & what' of our competitors at the expense of our very own top accounts that we already have. A great sales professional needs to find a happy medium because our top accounts were once the new accounts we pursued and someone just like us is always lurking in the shadows and all too often we find out when it's too late....once they're out the door.

07/14/2009 09:14

I love this article - my team and I reviewed this at our weekly sales meeting yesterday - THANKYOU for the wake-up call!

Four Seasons Sales Manager
07/16/2009 06:44

Thankyou for the great tips - keep them coming! I hate having to wait so long for the next tip!


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