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Diagram Drama!

Ok, so for those of you in the wonderful world of catering diagrams are a major part of your lives right?  Some of you create your diagrams by using stencils, some completely by free-hand, and others are lucky enough to have fabulous diagram computer programs.  Either way it’s a pretty good idea for you and your team to come to an agreement over some pretty basic standards.

I say this because every office has one person on their team that goes totally overboard with their diagrams.  You know them – we all know them – maybe you are that person!  That person creates a diagram for virtually every event – and they label EVERYTHING!

They (or you) think that they are being that much more detailed than everyone else.  Problem is that they are making it hard on everyone else when really their efforts could have been better focused in other areas (like maybe more sales duh!)

So here is the best way to cut down on all these unnecessary diagrams:  Create a Diagrams SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Binder.  Within that binder create master copies of the standard sets that you do in each room.  Common examples would be U-Shape with a Screen and Projector.  Make sure you have a duplicate copy of this binder in the Catering and Banquets offices.

This way when you have an event that is being set per the SOP then a diagram does not need to be distributed.  Banquets should be trained that in the absence of a diagram then they are to set per the SOP.

Next – make a point of determining exactly what needs to be labeled on a diagram.  Remember that we still want the banquet team to read the BEO, so if your BEO says 6ft screen, you should not need to label the screen on your diagram with the size.

Obviously all this goes out the window if your client is asking for a diagram that is labeled!

Oh yeah, and one last thing – make sure your diagrams have a place for your client to sign off with a discussion about the implication of last minute changes (ie setup fees) – no different to getting a BEO signed really!  This could really have an impact on the number of last minute changes…
Fred R
08/03/2009 16:50

We actually laminated all of our standard set diagrams and stuck them up on the Banquet wall. Saved us loads of time and miscommunication.


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