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Site Inspection WOW # 3

This week’s Site Inspection WOW comes from Stacey who tells the story of a Site Inspection that she conducted with her colleague Christine:

Here is what I remember from the site inspection that we did for Mike's Hard Lemonade many years ago.

We went on to the website for colors and themes.  We read through the info on the company for more ideas.  We also found a comment on the website that no one knew what "Mike" looked like and there were no pictures of Mike.   That was our inspiration.

That led us to create posters with tag lines like - "Have you seen Mike today?" and "Do you know what Mike looks like?", and used  pictures that we cut out of magazines of all different types and ages  of men.  We strategically placed these around the hotel so that at every turn on our walk through, there was another poster - I think we had about 6 or 7 in total.

We also displayed all of their products in places like the bar and the restaurants so that when we walked by, they could be seen.

We concluded the tour in the meeting space.  The last meeting room we walked into was the one we had reserved for them.  We had set the meeting room classroom style (the set up they preferred for their meeting) and used black and yellow linens - their company colors.

We had yellow hazard tape around the entrance doors.  We had lemons on every classroom table with buckets for drinks.  We had their logo on a screen in front of the room.

Of course we got the business!  It was clear they appreciated the effort and the creativity. We had a great time doing it and they were entertained throughout the site, which made the entire experience more fun for everyone.  It gave us more to talk about and a better personal connection to the meeting planners.

Way to go Stacey – goes to show that a little effort doesn’t have to cost a lot of money – but it sure makes a difference with the clients!

Jim Dennis
07/24/2009 15:01

Nice story - I remember doing a site inspection like that for a microbrewery. Once the site was over we all sat around drinking the beer - that was the best part!


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