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Site Inspection WOW # 2

Welcome to the second installment of Site Inspection WOWs!  This week's site inspection WOW is actually one of my own (not being one to boast!)

Actually it’s not so much a site inspection WOW, but more a sales 101!

So this site inspection occurred when I was working as a Business Development Manager at an airport hotel.  I had been focusing on finding new SMERF business for our summer as the numbers were a little off.  I had managed to develop a good relationship over the phone with a SMERF group that we had lost on rate 4 years prior.  I convinced them to come back and meet with us and do a site inspection.

The clients, four retired ladies, arrived on property the day prior to the site inspection and we took them to dinner.  Over dinner (and drinks) the ladies mentioned a number of times how their group was looking for a hotel to call 'home'.  It was subtle but I could sense how important this was to them.

So, after dessert I left the ladies with the Sales Manager while I ran back to my office.  I found an image on the internet of a 'Home Sweet Home' sign blew it up and made 4 color copies.  I went and taped a copy of each of the signs on the outside of each of the four ladies guestroom doors.

The next day when we started the site inspection all 4 ladies told me how cute it was.  But they got an even bigger surprise when we finished our site inspection, as I had arranged to have the entire management team waiting in the lobby each holding a large letter that when held up spelt 'Welcome Home'.

I know it sounds really corny - but it worked!  The concept of finding a 'home' for their group was very important to the ladies - but they also loved the fact that our’s was a hotel that had listened to their needs. 

They resigned with us - 2 separate programs for 2 consecutive years.

07/17/2009 08:00

Hi there!

I think you are downplaying the brilliance of this site inspection when you put it down to just being sales 101!

The art of listening is something that so many sales managers are sadly lacking. This site inspection showed that you listened to the client for their hot buttons, but then showed iniative and creativity to find ways of pushing those buttons.

I also LOVE how you had such a huge impact while still costing the hotel next to nothing!


Tim Davis
07/19/2009 20:27

I think this also points out how valuable the skill of listening is for Sales people. Unfortunately was too many sales people know only how to talk and not listen...

Hilton Guy
07/21/2009 06:21

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